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Food Safety (HACCP) Plan Writing Workshop

  • SCS Global Services Training Room 2000 Powell St. Ste 600 Emeryville, CA 94608 USA (map)

Food Safety (HACCP) Plan Writing Workshop

SCS Global Services has partnered with Food Safety Guides to offer a unique technology training that prepares food businesses to tackle HACCP-based food safety plan writing affordably and collaboratively. We offer guidance and expertise, and provide a framework to your food safety plan building experience.

Who should take this course? This training is recommended as a follow-up to a HACCP principles and application training.

Objective & Take Away  Be prepared to launch your small to mid-sized business with full scale HACCP plan development documentation, and real-time productivity tools.  This includes learning how to craft SOPs/SSOPs, policies, and food safety pre-requisite programs.

  • Learn how to use free Google apps to:
    • Draft and manage a HACCP plan
    • Document control - collaborate on folders and documents in real-time
    • Enable mobile record keeping
    • Trend and audit monitoring data
    • Become  sufficiently literate to effectively implement and maintain your food safety plan

Why HACCP is challenging for small and mid-sized businesses -  We realize that small and medium sized businesses do not always have: (1) system-oriented staff; (2) time; (3) tools; and (4) training to write the plan.  We estimate that at least 25% of the time spent writing a HACCP plan is wasted on formatting. And while some software can resolve this by providing users with fillable fields, most does not provide real-time collaboration tools, which means only one person can work on a section of the plan at a time. The absence of advanced project management features also means no agenda for dividing and completing the work. 

There are Solutions!   And the TOOLS are free! (or nearly so - Google Apps for Work has an upgrade of $50/user/year)

Your Instructor: Michael Kalish, co-founder of Food Safety Guides. Michael received his formal training in dairy and meat processing in the Piedmont, Italy from 2008 to 2010.  From 2011 to 2012, he managed operations for food manufacturers and wholesalers in France and New York City. Shortly after, Michael co-founded Food Safety Guides with his twin brother, Charlie; their mission being: to make HACCP/HARPC development more accessible and affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses. Today, Food Safety Guides educates and consults businesses and associations across the USA and Australia.

Michael is a well-spoken and patient worker which is rare in the food industry. He has a wealth of knowledge from his studies and travels and can teach anyone...”  Doralice Handal, Importer and Purveyor of Specialty Foods

Google Docs for Real-Time Collaboration  Google documents are equipped with real-time collaboration tools and sharing/privacy features. The Food Safety Guide team is also available to provide follow-up support as needed to get you up and going.

Class Preparation

  1. Create a Gmail account 
  2. Download Google's Chrome browser
  3. Add Google Hangouts Extension to your chrome browser
  4. Bring a laptop computer that can access the local Wi-Fi signal

Signup Now - only $495 for 1 person or $550 each for 2, including lunch in our lovely offices overlooking the San Francisco Bay and City.