PEM Calculator

Need to estimate the cost of a Pathogen Environmental Monitoring (PEM) program? Use our handy dandy PEM Calculator! If you like it, please let us know and feel free to share : ) Scroll down for our 2-Step Instructions.



STEP 1: In Sampling Schedule table (top)Enter estimates for the number and type of samples (by zones, pathogen, indicator organism) per month.

STEP 2:  Get cost/swab info from labs you may want to work with and plug into Pricing table.

That's it! Be aware that in addition to the cost of materials (e.g. swabs) and shipping costs (swabs submitted to a laboratory are generally shipped overnight), additional costs could result from:

  • Follow-up testing to confirm a presumptive positive (labs have a rate for this)
  • Multiplication of follow-up testing in response to a presumptive positive found in a composite swab*
  • Multiplication of follow-up testing beyond an original swab site(s) to locate the source of a confirmed positive (this can be a very expensive and frightening goose chase)