Top 3 reasons to be #AuditReady for a GMP Food Safety Certification Audit

There are three good reasons to be interested in certification:

1. Prevent disruption to your business due to regulatory non-compliance. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and its implementing regulations have produced a paradigm shift in how FDA performs inspections. Certification audits encourage businesses to re-evaluate their current regulatory compliance status and to develop more comprehensive, document-based systems.

2. Minimize the risk of doing harm to consumers and your brand. It is easier to find your car keys when your house is in order. In the same way, it is easier to find food safety issues where you system and facility is organized. “We haven’t killed anybody yet” is a common excuse for sticking with the status quo - but don’t your customers (and your brand) deserve more?

3. Expand your accounts to include larger retailers and distributors. Food safety certification is now a standard expectation for doing business with some of the country’s largest distributors and retailers, including: UNFI, Cisco, Amazon, Costco, etc. If you want your business to grow, food safety certification can help you start the conversation with your next big account.

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